Safety Tips

Transport Safety Guidelines for People with a Disability


Issues and practicalities related to transport for a person with a disability focus on three main areas:


    1. Safety
    2. Positioning
    3. Comfort


Achievement of these aims involves:


    • Assessment of transport safety for individuals and groups of people
    • Formulation of recommendations outlining the best possible solutions, in consultation with all involved parties
    • Documentation of recommendations in the form of reports and letters
    • Facilitation of changes, prescription of equipment and review of transport safety


This process may also involve education of and liaison with professional groups and the wider community, in order to improve knowledge of related technical and legal issues along with further research and development.


Click here to download the Transport Safety Guidelines for People with a Disability

ACCC: Help cut mobility scooter accidents


At least 62 Australians — mostly in their 60s to 90s – have died from mobility scooter collisions or falls.

Hundreds of older people go to hospital each year suffering serious head wounds and injuries to their hips and limbs after losing control of their mobility scooter or falling from the scooter. Many of these accidents happen on roads.

Mobility scooters, gophers or buggies are a great way to get to the shops or around your community if you have physical problems that make it hard for you to walk distances. If you use or are thinking of using a mobility scooter, follow these simple tips to make sure you don’t become another injury victim.

ACCC: Help cut mobility scooter accidents

Remaining Visible!

Mobility Scooter Theft Protection


Mobility scooters can be an easy target for thieves. Please consider these security tips to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of theft


  1. Secure your mobility scooter in your home or a locked garage or install an anchor point and lock to secure it to the anchor point.
  2. Park your mobility scooter out of sight or consider concealing it with a cover, which can be secured to the scooter, when at home.
  3. … For more theft protection tips please visit: Safety Tips


If you have any safety tips of your own you would like to add to this list please send us an email.

Motorised Mobility Device Regulations


It is important for anyone using a motorised mobility device, whether it’s an electric wheelchair or mobility scooter, to understand the legal requirements such as road rules, speed limits and registration requirements. Please click the links below to find the current legal requirements for your State or Territory.


Should this information prove insufficient, please email us or contact the Road Traffic Authority in your State or Territory to find out more information.

Mobility Device Rules and Etiquette


Mobility scooters and motorised wheelchairs are becoming more and more common as our population ages. BUT are we all aware of the rules and etiquette when using these forms of transportation?


For instance, did you know that they can only be used on footpaths – unless there isn’t one – and that the top speed limit for them is 10 km/h?


The QLD Police have launched a booklet to provide safety tips and legal requirements for user of mobility scooters and motorised wheelchairs.


The safe way to use mobility scooter and motorised wheelchairs in the community of Moreton

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Pride Go-Go 54LX


Light and easy to dismantle with some innovative safety features, it’s easy to see why the Pride Go-Go 54LX is one of the leading travel mobility scooters available in todays market.

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